Assault Soldier


Tactical Assault Sledgehammer
Assault Crit Damage +

Increases assault critical damage by 225%

Team Perk
Slow Your Roll
Freeze melee attackers for 2 second(s). Mist Monsters are slowed by 43%. REQUIRES: 3 heroes with 3 or more stars.
Unlocked by: Ragnarok (Road Trip Event Store)
Support Team
Bigger Is Better
Increases Frag Grenade radius by 50%
Requires commander with Frag Grenade ability
Phase Cannon
Using Phase Shift causes your next ranged weapon shot to fire a Phase Pulse, dealing 31 base energy damage and piercing enemies. Switching or holstering weapon removes effect
Requires commander with Phase Shift ability
Medicinal Fumes
Smoke Bomb heals allies for 10 base health per second
Requires commander with Smoke Bomb ability
Phase Forward
Phase Shift grants an additional 30% movement speed for 3 seconds.
Requires commander with Phase Shift ability
Knight’s Impact
Increases Hardware Impact by 33%




I know, you're saying, "What the heck?!" Before the version change that gave us loadouts, I owned STW with my Urban Assault Hunter chick, with Raven and Monkey King slotted, and The Terminator gun. I could complete the highest levels BY MYSELF. After STW introduced the loadouts, I died waaaaay more, and I noticed the reason was my Shield has been reduced. BOO! So, I went through every character, and looked for the ones with the highest shield. They are above. Admittedly, I'm not happy with this load out for my soldier and still researching and adjusting. I want my Urban Headhunter Chick back in action...


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