Best Dragon Ninja


Dragon Scorch
Wings Of The Dragon +

Increases Dragon Slash range to 3 tiles, width to 2 tiles and damage by 25%

Team Perk
Bio-Energy Source
FOR EACH: Hero with 3 or more stars Recover Shield equal to 0.25% of Energy lost.
Unlocked by: Lynx Kassandra (Frostnite Event Store)
Support Team
Tail Of The Dragon
Dragon Slash leaves behind an energized trail, which deals 18 base energy damage per second
Requires commander with Dragon Slash ability
Return Of The Dragon
Decreases Dragon Slash energy cost by 30%
Requires commander with Dragon Slash ability
Corrosive Strikes
Melee critical hits apply 30% snare and affliction which deals 37% of damage dealt each second for 3 seconds
Fire of the Dragon
Increases Affliction Duration by 34%
Medicinal Fumes
Smoke Bomb heals allies for 10 base health per second
Requires commander with Smoke Bomb ability


Dragon Slash


1 Word: Deadly. This loadout maximizes the ninja's Dragon Slash ability, and leaves a really cool blue flame tail after that also does damage for any enemies that move into it. I might change Medicinal Fumes out for something else as I rarely need to heal others, and could probably add something either to increase my shield or do even more damage - "Dim Mak." Oh, and don't look now, but I'm behind you, and you still can't see me (bwa ha ha haaaaaaaaaaa).


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