Heavy Base with Decoy


Heavy B.A.S.E. Kyle
Feel The Base +

Eliminating enemies standing on structures affected by B.A.S.E. charges B.A.S.E. After 30 charges, B.A.S.E. emits an explosion which knocks back enemies and deals 89 base energy damage in a 5 tile radius

Team Perk
Bio-Energy Source
FOR EACH: Hero with 3 or more stars Recover Shield equal to 0.25% of Energy lost.
Unlocked by: Lynx Kassandra (Frostnite Event Store)
Support Team
Your Move Creep
D.E.C.O.Y. deals 6 base damage every 1 second to nearby enemies
Requires commander with D.E.C.O.Y. ability
Going And Going
Increases DECOY duration by 1.5 seconds
Requires commander with D.E.C.O.Y. ability
Grease The Wheels
Decreases DECOY cooldown by 17%
Requires commander with D.E.C.O.Y. ability
Power Modulation
Structures affected by BASE are healed for 4% of max health every 10 seconds
Requires commander with B.A.S.E.
Mega Base
Increases B.A.S.E. connectivity range by 1
Requires commander with B.A.S.E.




This load out has 2 goals in mind; A strong base, and a lethal decoy. I'm still adjusting this but this character works for aggressive players used to engaging in combat but capable of building solid bases for the team.


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