...You Think I'm Qualified?

By Spasmo McPlasmo

Make It Count +

Increases pistol critical damage by 225%

Team Perk
Bio-Energy Source
FOR EACH: Hero with 3 or more stars Recover Shield equal to 0.25% of Energy lost.
Unlocked by: Lynx Kassandra (Frostnite Event Store)
Support Team
Blaze Of Glory
Phase Shift increases pistol damage by 35% for 4 seconds
Requires commander with Phase Shift ability
In And Outlander
Eliminating 6 enemies within 10 seconds of using Phase Shift grants 1 charge(s)
Requires commander with Phase Shift ability
Increases pistol damage by 17%
Fuel For The Fallen
Eliminations restore 6 energy over 3 seconds. Duration refreshes with additional eliminations
Battle Beat
Eliminating 10 enemies within 9 seconds grants Rockin’ Riff.




Nice f**kin' loadout! Beetle-shoot Beetle-shoot Beetle-shoot, Phase Shift, Repeat. Recommend Plasmatron 9000 with Critical Rating, Critical Damage & Cooling Rate. It's up to you if you want 2x Critical Rating or 2x Critical Damage. Anti-material Charge or use an ability when your shields get low. Fuel for the Fallen helps keep this possible, plus you'll nearly always have energy for frequent Phase Shifts. Battle Beat can be swapped out for another support member if, for example, you want an improved T.E.D.D.Y. or Seismic Smash. Recommend Field Agent Rio's Phase Cannon if you don't have a piercing pistol. You could even swap out Beetle-jess for Rio, but then you're not the ghost with the most, babe. If you're comfortable being more of a glass cannon, try swapping Bio-Energy Source for Totally Rockin' Out, and swapping Fuel for the Fallen for Sub Wafers.


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