Darkling! I Smell Your Blood

By Spasmo McPlasmo

Sanguine Dusk
Phase Siphon +

Dashing through enemies with Phase Shift heals 24 base health per enemy passed through

Team Perk
FOR EACH: Hero of Epic or higher rarity Increases Healing Received by 2.5% for each nearby enemy.
Unlocked by: Carbide (Blockbuster Event Quest)
Support Team
Space Technology
Increases Ability Energy Damage by 15%.
Four On The Floor
Seismic Smash leaves a pusling zone with a 0.5 tile radius at the end of its range which deals 56 base Energy Damage over 4 seconds and bounces husks inside
Requires commander with Seismic Smash ability
Plasma Arc
Energy Damage has a 20% chance to zap nearby enemies for 58% of damage dealt.
Static Cling
Shock Tower applies affliction which deals 50% damage per second for 3 seconds
Requires commander with Shock Tower ability
Up The Voltage
Increases Shock Tower damage by 33%
Requires commander with Shock Tower ability




Works best with energy weapons. I've had best results with weapons that make enemies dance — my favorite being the Beat Blaster. Dancing mobs coming right at you makes it easier to line up effective phase siphons. Slow Field is also recommended for even more effective phase siphoning.


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