Unlocks Team Perk
Kinetic Overdrive Kinetic Overload occurs an additional time
Knight’s Impact
Increases Hardware Impact by 33%

Knight’s Impact +
Increases Hardware Impact by 75%. Additionally, Goin' Constructor can trigger Kinetic Overload
Goin' Constructor
Equip a hammer which deals **damage** physical damage per hit and a shield that reduces -5% damage from the front.
Deploy a D.E.C.O.Y. which distracts nearby enemies for **time** seconds.
Bull Rush
Charge forward **distance** 3 tiles, dealing **damage** physical damage to enemies and pushing them away with your shield.
Class Abilities
Place B.A.S.E. to reinforce attached structures with 60 Armor. Extends 4 segments from placement. Placed from trap wheel.
Kinectic Overload
Melee knockbacks and staggers trigger Kinetic Overload, dedaling 25 base Energy Damage to nearby enemies. After melee critical hits, increases Melee Impact Damage by 10% for 5 seconds, up to 5 stacks.