v9.20 Patch Notes

Posted by Twigsby on 6/6/2019

What’s New?

Beyond the Stellar Horizon
Join the cast and crew of Beyond the Stellar Horizon as the VSS Gallant takes flight once more.

You don’t want to be in the way when the laser goes off in this new Wargames Simulation!

Missions + Systems

  • New Wargames simulation: Invasion
    • A UFO invades the sky above your Storm Shield, blasting your defenses, and beaming down some unwanted company.
    • Destroy that spinning saucer to give your defenses a breather… but like every bad sequel, it will return!
    • A new Wargames simulation means more chances for Event Tickets, a new banner, and more variety to the Daily Quests.
    • Available in Wargames on June 5 at 8 PM Eastern Time.
  • Invasion, and any future Wargames releases, will now line up with the nightly Store rotation (8pm ET). This will better align new Wargames quest with the available simulations.
  • New Sci-Fi Llama is available in the store.
    • Features 4 new Sci-Fi Heroes, and 5 new Sci-Fi Weapons.
    • Costs 500 Summer Tickets
  • Players will now matchmake into Wargames and Storm Shield missions across different zones when using the Community Lookout feature. This will help reduce matchmaking times.
  • Rewards from weekly quests have been updated!
    • Upon completing a weekly quest, you will be rewarded 500 Summer Tickets and 1 other selectable reward (Gold, RE-PERK, or PERK-UP) based on your progression in the main questline.
    • Increased amount of Gold and Perk materials awarded.
  • You will no longer need to complete “Ride the Lightning” quest to unlock heavy melee attacks. They are unlocked from the start of the game.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed issues with Wargames matchmaking not pairing players correctly. The fixes include using the Min/Max difficulty settings for Wargames, Play With Others, and properly distinguishing between SSD shield expansion missions and Wargames simulations.
  • The Trapped Out Wargames challenge properly restores traps when the simulation has concluded. This challenge has been added back into the rotation.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented traps from properly resetting durability after a Wargames / SSD mission has concluded.
    • The first version of this fix went out in v9.10.
  • Repair the Shelter hidden parts will no longer spawn inside the terrain.
  • SEE-Bot will now properly find hidden parts after he is successfully defended in Repair the Shelter missions.
  • Players now correctly receive the 'People' resource upon completing 'Rescue the Survivors' missions in high level zones.


  • Items in the inventory overflow can now be selected to be used in Transforms.
  • Items that are evolved or have their rarity upgraded will no longer be flagged as new or unseen.
Bug Fixes
  • Hero spawn animations will no longer play twice on the Hero loadout screen.
  • Durability information is now correctly displayed for Ward trap schematics.
  • Drop down arrows now have more consistent behavior while navigating through the Collection Book.
  • The inventory screen now closes correctly if left open when a mission is completed.
  • Players can now properly toggle back and forth between Storage and Backpack in the Storage section of the armory tab.
  • Damage Resistance now takes into account the amount of armor granted from Support slot perks when displaying its value.
  • Players will no longer get soft locked to the account Boost sub-menu when navigating to it from the Daily Rewards screen.
  • Player names no longer appear over the incorrect player banners while on the score screen.
  • Quest Log descriptions now update properly when browsing multiple quests in rapid succession.
  • Portraits and item cards now display correctly after purchasing them from the Item Shop.
  • Fixed Hero level up reward names showing as survivors in the victory screen.


  • Improved performance while in the Transform menu and while navigating / crafting schematics.
  • Improved performance of monster movement and animations.
  • Improved performance of various attacks and abilities:
    • Sploder’s propane tank
    • Taker’s swoop attack
    • Beehive’s cloud attack
    • Lobber’s thrown attack
    • Riot Husky’s shield
    • Ninja’s Round Trip Perk
    • Outlander’s Shock Tower
    • Outlander’s Phase Shift
    • Goin’ Constructor
    • Lefty and Righty
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed menu hitching on low end PCs when switching to command or armory tabs for the first time.
  • Fixed a hitch when entering the Survivors menu and mission select map.


  • Azalea Clark, the new Mythic Outlander, joins the crew!
    • Standard Perk: Space Technology
      • Increases Ability Energy Damage by 15%.
    • Commander Perk: Space Technology+
      • Increases Ability Energy Damage by 15%. Additionally, Shock Tower explodes, dealing 107 Energy Damage to nearby enemies.
    • Team Perk: Z.A.P.
      • REQUIRES: 2 Space Explorer Heroes.
      • Z.A.P. has your back, dealing 105 base Energy Damage to a random enemy every 6 seconds.
    • Available from the “Beyond the Stellar Horizon” quest line
  • Shock the enemies with Extraterrestrial Rio, the new Soldier!
    • Standard Perk: Resonant Frequency
      • Increases Energy Damage by 26% against shields.
    • Commander Perk: Resonant Frequency+
      • Increases Energy Damage by 78% against shields.
    • Available from the Sci-Fi Llama.
  • Go Constructor with ED-EE!
    • Standard Perk: MUST.PROTECT
      • Critical hits with Melee Weapon Energy Damage adds 32% of current shield to damage.
    • Commander Perk: MUST.PROTECT+
      • Critical hits with Melee Weapon Energy Damage adds 96% of current shield to damage.
    • Available from the Sci-Fi Llama.
  • Zap the Husks with Cyberclops, the new Outlander!
    • Standard Perk: Plasma Arc
      • Energy Damage has a 20% chance to zap nearby enemies for 58% of damage dealt.
    • Commander Perk: Plasma Arc+
      • Energy Damage has a 20% chance to zap nearby enemies for 116% of damage dealt. Additionally T.E.D.D.Y. deals Energy Damage.
    • Available from the Sci-Fi Llama.
  • Intergalactic Ken, the new Ninja, reports for duty!
    • Standard Perk: Energy Siphon
      • Eliminations with Energy Damage restore 8.5% of missing shields.
    • Commander Perk: Energy Siphon+
      • Eliminations with Energy Damage restore 17% of missing shields. Additionally, Throwing Stars deals Energy damage.
    • Available from the Sci-Fi Llama.
  • Archeolo-Jess returns to the Weekly Store!
    • Standard Perk: Strike Cost
      • Increases Anti-Material Charge heavy attack efficiency by 28%
    • Commander Perk: Strike Cost+
      • Increases Anti-Material Charge heavy attack efficiency by 128%
    • Start Date: June 5 at 8 PM Eastern Time
    • End Date: June 12 at 8 PM Eastern Time
Bug Fixes
  • The Survivalist perk no longer heals DBNO players.
  • Feel the BASE will properly continue to trigger after the player respawns.
  • Six Shooter+ now displays the correct tooltip values.
  • The Malfunction+ Commander perk now grants the appropriate amount of increased damage to Plasma Pulse.
  • Cannonballs and Present Arms presents will no longer sink into the ground.
  • Enemies no longer play incorrect animations while being hit by Bull Rush if the player is using the Long Rush perk.
  • Players will no longer become stuck after getting knocked back while placing B.A.S.E.
  • The armor buff is now properly removed from structures when B.A.S.E. is destroyed.

Weapons + Items

  • Added the Retro Sci-Fi weapons set, available in Sci-Fi Llamas:
    • Atomic Light Expander: Energy spear with an Electric Smash heavy attack that deals damage to enemies in a large radius.
    • Blastotron 9000: A scopeless automatic energy sniper rifle.
    • Blastotron Mini: Rapid firing automatic energy pistol.
    • Gammatron 9000: Rapid burst fire energy assault rifle.
    • Husk Warper: High damage, low impact energy hammer with a devastating Blackhole heavy attack that pulls Husks in before dealing damage.
  • Introducing the new Tar Pit Trap.
  • Enemies that step into this trap get stuck for a short duration. This trap is reactive to bullets, so if an enemy gets stuck just give it a shot!
  • Available in the Event Store on June 5 at 8 PM Eastern Time.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue that caused the Leprechaun to turn into a Troll when evolved.
    • Note: This previously caused item classification issues and may have resulted in players no longer having a Leprechaun to slot into their Collection Book. The Troll is now fully considered a Troll and everyone impacted by this issue will be granted the Leprechaun with the same personality as before.
  • The “Increased Building Health” and “Heal Attached Building” trap perks now properly apply to the wall/floor/ceiling that it’s attached to.
  • Fixed an issue where players would not receive Epic Schematics purchased from the item store.
    • Card packs containing Epic Schematics will be granted to players affected by this issue in the near future.


  • Autorun is now canceled after dying and respawning.
Bug Fixes
  • Bull Rush no longer destroys player-built buildings that are under construction.
  • Player shields will correctly begin refilling if a player respawns and takes damage with less than full shields.
  • Structures in Twine Peaks now scale up to the correct max health value.
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Flingers to stop attacking the Storm Shield.
  • Maximum Health/Shield of players is more consistent across Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley, and Twine Peaks for Wargames.
  • High-level traps placed in early zones will now attempt to reset to their original crafted level when a high-level Wargame begins.
    • Traps existing in the Storm Shield, placed before this update, will reset to the max level for their tier.


  • Zappers from beyond have invaded the world, replacing their gunslinger cousins for the time being.


Bug Fixes
  • The countdown timer SFX is properly heard at the end of waves in Wargames.

Known Issues

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