v8.50 Patch Notes

Posted by Twigsby on 4/25/2019

What’s New?

Cottontail Eagle Eye
Bounce into battle and drop eggs on the Husks with this new Legendary Outlander.
More cannons? No problem! Launch bouncing cannonballs at those Smashers with this returning launcher.

Missions + Systems

  • Twine Peaks tweaks!
    • Missions have been added to the top end of Twine Peaks with higher difficulties, and better rewards.
      • Hero, Schematic, and Survivor XP
      • Higher Gold rewards
      • Better world loot
      • Better materials (Brightcore / Sunbeam)
        • These are the first steps we’re taking in adding harder content to Save the World.
  • Beta Storm Resupply returns!
    • New primary goals have been added:
      • Harvest enough rocks before the timer runs out!
      • Collect 10 Supply Crates!
    • The Collect Mushrooms and/or Barrels are now bonus objectives rather than main objectives.
    • The smallest safe area circle radius has been increased to allow for safer harvesting.

Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Fixed an issue that caused mushrooms in Plankerton to not count towards the Resupply mission objective.


Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Mac players will no longer get kicked back to the map screen when trying to join a lobby.
    • We recently fixed this issue for other players prior to the release of v8.50.
  • Extra loading screens were appearing when leaving the lobby.
  • The lobby “manage player” confirmation screen was showing an incorrect banner and power level.
  • Descriptions for schematic rewards were not showing when viewed in the mission rewards section on the map.
  • Some Schematic/Heroes had text and numbers cut off their descriptions.
  • Armory slot items were showing unrelated tabs when previewing it from the shop.
  • The Launch button would appear enabled but would be unusable when trying to launch an SSD mission.
  • Collection Book Hero rewards were not displaying properly after claiming a random Hero reward.
  • Collection Book completion pages were not updating when unslotting items or adding new items to a page.
  • The wood harvesting UI was getting stuck on player screens when rejoining a mission or re-enabling the HUD.
  • Players joining a game in progress would not appear in the team list HUD.
  • Player power levels were appearing as “1” instead of the correct power level.
  • Updated tooltip attack speed stats for melee weapon schematics.


  • Made improvements to gameplay modifiers to help with performance issues.

Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Players were hitching while moving through/interacting with the menus.


  • Introducing Cottontail Eagle Eye, a new Legendary Outlander!
    • Standard Perk: Un-eggs-pected Departure
      • Phase Shift leaves 3 egg bombs, which deal 18 base damage to nearby enemies.
    • Commander Perk: Un-eggs-pected Departure+
      • Phase Shift leaves 3 egg bombs, which deal 45 base damage to nearby enemies.
    • Available in the Event Store on April 25 at 8 PM Eastern Time.
  • The Legendary Constructor Miss Bunny Penny Returns!
    • Standard Perk: Plasma Overdrive
      • Decreases Plasma Pulse Energy Cost by 38%.
    • Commander Perk: Plasma Overdrive+
      • Decreases Plasma Pulse Energy Cost by 75%.
    • Available in the Event Store on April 25 at 8 PM Eastern Time.

Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • The Escape Artist+ tooltip was displaying an incorrect duration.
  • The Critical Blast+ and Sure Shot+ tooltips were displaying incorrect values.

Weapons + Items

  • The Bowler returns!
    • Fires cannonballs that damage and knockback groups of enemies. The cannonballs can bounce before exploding, damaging nearby enemies with each bounce.
    • Available in the Weekly Store from April 25 at 8PM ET until May 2 at 8PM ET.
  • The Bowler has been added to the Flintlock Weapons page in the Collection Book.


  • Updated the audio for the Noble Launcher charging up.
  • Added audio when players are cycling through traps.

Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Sounds were missing on Dashing Hare Ken’s martial arts animations.


  • We’ve reworked the Ready / Not Ready logic in several places.  This should prevent/resolve instances of players involuntarily being marked as Not Ready.
    • Only the Party Leader will be marked as Not Ready when the following events occur:
      • A party member leaves
      • A party member joins
      • The selected playlist is changed
    • Everyone but the Party Leader will remain Ready after returning to the lobby from match.
  • Added some additional text to the Play Button area to show which party members still need to ready up.


  • Added an option to view your current voice channel (and toggle between Party / Game channels) in the Escape menu.
  • Active Voice Indicators now appear for all party members, not just those that are Sitting Out.
  • The Auto-Join Game Voice Channel setting is now limited to cases where your squad has been filled with other non-party-member players.
  • The Party Member list in the Social Panel indicates the Party Leader.

Bug Fixes & Improvements
  • Players in the lobby would sometimes have each other’s in-game status text rather than their own.
  • Players on Xbox One could experience intermittent failure when accepting a game invite or when joining a game session before the game has been launched.


  • Added a UI option to disable the Render Hardware Interface Thread that was added in 8.30.
    • RHIT provides performance improvements PC’s with quadcore CPUs and higher but can decrease performance on low-end machines.
  • Improved performance by reducing the number of audio components created when a weapon drops.
  • Improved vehicle performance.

Known Issues

Want to track the top community issues? Head over to our Fortnite | Community Issues Trello board here.