v10.40 Patch Notes

Posted by Twigsby on 9/25/2019

What’s New?

Timeless Mini-Questline
Time is broken! Join Director Riggs in a race against… well not time, because we broke that...

Quinn Hits the Road for the last time!
This week, help Quinn make her last trek through the Strangelands en route to the Radio Station. Load up the van and gather your group because it’s time to Hit the Road with a new weekly quest! 

Missions + Systems

  • Introduced a Timeless Mini Quest line.
    • Complete this mini quest line to earn Hit the Road Tickets and Gold.
  • Added more Ghost Town zones to the end of Canny Valley to offer a wider mission variety to players who are trying to complete the campaign.
  • Added a final quest to the end of the Stand and Fight Campaign.
    • Complete this new Canny Valley quest to witness a small surprise!
  • The Exploding Deathbomb Storm Modifier, Damage Pulse Mini-Boss Modifier, and Exploding Huskies in Wargames will no longer trigger propane tanks.
Bug Fixes
  • Canny Valley quests can now be completed in all Twine Peak zones if they meet the quest requirements.
  • Players no longer block the clay disc when standing in front of the Target Practice launcher.
  • Players will no longer desync when standing on "The Big Slurp" quest's Sensor Balloon.
  • Corrected an issue that prevented some clients from being able to interact with the bomb in the Deliver the Bomb mission.


  • Adjusted the pop-up messaging to clearly state when Defenders can't be placed.
Bug Fixes
  • The sort by subtype now correctly sorts weapon schematics in the Armory.
  • Corrected an issue that caused the Emote Wheel icons to be too small when viewing them in-zone.
  • The Use XP Boost button in the Command menu no longer generates multiple confirmation prompts for keyboard + mouse players.
  • Fixed the ammo icon missing on the interaction indicator on the Defender Post trap.
  • Fixed an issue with the Results screen chest and medal animations getting stuck or flattened.
  • Disabled the changing privacy settings in the Social menu during matchmaking, to match the other privacy setting locations.


Bug Fixes
  • The Space Technology Commander Perk now gives the proper damage increase.
  • The Slow Field gadget now drops to the ground if the floor beneath is destroyed.
  • Sub Wafers can no longer be obtained by destroying player built structures or by shooting metal structures. 
    • Main Stage Quinn will be eligible for reset due to this fix.
  • B.A.S.E. will no longer appear in the quick bar if it's restricted.

Weapons + Items

  • The Staccato Shotto blasts into the Weekly Store.
    • Automatic piercing shotgun with a high capacity, impact, and rate of fire.
    • Available in the Weekly Store from Wednesday, September 25 at 8 PM ET until Wednesday, October 2 at 8 PM ET.
Bug Fixes
  • The following weapons/attacks no longer damage propane tanks:
    • Ear Splitter - Sonic Pulse
    • Mic Drop - Feedback Pulse
    • Plasmatron 9000
    • Pulsar 9000
    • Woofer
  • Fixed an overly aggressive damage falloff that caused explosion to do less damage than intended for the following weapons and their lower rarities:
    • Cannonade
    • Deciblaster
    • Dragon's Claw
    • Dragon's Fury
    • Dragon's Might
    • Easter Egg Launcher
    • Freedom's Herald
    • The Jabberwocky
    • Tiny Instrument of Death
    • V6 Launcher
    • Vacuum Tube Launcher
    • Vindertech Disintegrator
    • Zap Zapp
  • Fixed an issue that was causing heavy melee attacks to do less damage than intended. Some attacks may only see a small increase, while most will see a large increase.
    • Black Hole
    • Cut and Thrust - Also increased attack speed by 35%
    • Double Chop
    • Double Thwack - Also reduced energy cost from 60 to 40
    • Double Slash - Also reduced energy cost from 60 to 40
    • Electric Smash
    • Energy Slam
    • Golf Swing
    • Home Run
    • Hydraulic Smash
    • Joust
    • Leap Attack
    • Maelstrom
    • Overhead Smash
    • Push And Swipe
    • Quad Chop
    • Spectral Strike
    • Steampunk Smash
    • Up and Over
    • Whirlwind Attack
  • Corrected the damage zone to be in front of the impact point instead of centered for the Heavy attack on the following weapons: 
    • Guardian's Will
    • Lead Sled
    • Walloper
  • Sound Wall trap now shows appropriate Power Level.
  • Sound Wall trap now triggers if enemies clip through the speakers.


Bug Fixes
  • Riot Shields no longer spawn before the Riot Husky has finished spawning.
  • Husks no longer walk sideways after bull rushed off high elevation.