v10.10 Patch Notes

Posted by Twigsby on 8/14/2019

What’s New?

Penny Hits the Road!
This week, help Penny make her way to the Radio Station to broadcast her Song of the Summer. Load up the van and gather your group because it’s time to Hit the Road with a new weekly quest! 

Thunder Thora
Where there’s thunder.. there’s Thora.

Missions + Systems

As mentioned in our most recent Road Map, we’ll be making some adjustments to rewards across the board, most notably the top end of Twine Peaks. Below are the changes:
  • Top Tier Twine Tweaks
    • Increased the quantity of Evolution Materials and Gold awarded by Mission Alerts.
    • Increased the rarity of Weapons/Survivors rewarded by Miniboss Mission Alerts and made them significantly less likely to be Transform Keys.
    • Increased the chance of Mission Alerts rewarding Evolution and Perk materials.
    • Increased the quantity of Drops of Rain, RE-PERK, Epic PERK-UP, and Legendary PERK-UP awarded by Missions and Group Missions.
    • Increased the chance of Missions and Group Missions awarding Perk materials and decreased the chance of awarding XP.
    • Increased the chance of Group Missions awarding Evolution materials.
    • Increased the chance of Missions awarding Drops of Rain.
    • Increased the chance of Missions awarding top-tier Ore and Crystal rather than Power Cells.
    • Increased the chance of Missions awarding Hero XP or Schematic XP rather than Survivor XP.
  • Increased the quantity of Perk materials awarded by Mission Alerts in high Canny Valley and Twine Peaks.
  • Increased the number of Mutant Storm and Mini-Boss Mission Alerts across the game
    • This increase is considerably greater in Plankerton and Canny Valley.
  • Updates to Trap Recycling and Trap Scoring:
    • Traps recycled at maximum durability now give back all the ingredients used to craft them.
    • Traps no longer provide Placement Score and Crafting Score, but their Activation Score has been increased to compensate for this change.
  • Locked Hit the Road zones are no longer visible on the world map.
Bug Fixes
  • Edit permissions for all Storm Shields have been reset to remove any unintended additions from a recent bug.  Players will need to re-add permissions.
  • Fixed some mission alerts failing to spawn correctly. All Group Missions will now spawn a Mega Alert as a result.
  • Crafting Ingredients will now be granted when successfully completing the Resupply Mission.
  • Fixed onboarding flow to not show the Retry dialog before actually attempting first launch.
  • Wave 3 of Twine Storm Shield Defense 5 is now a timed wave instead of an elimination wave. 
  • Corrected Medic’s Deal reward in Hit the Road to heal properly.
  • Weapons awarded for completing Record Dash in Hit the Road will now include perks.
  • Emotes are no longer interrupted when played on the vehicle in Hit the Road.
  • Music from truck upgrades should no longer play when players are far away from the truck.
  • Truck Music and Zone Music are muted properly during songs at the end of Hit the Road missions.
  • Lars’ Hit The Road conversations will no longer continue through the victory or defeat screens.
  • The metal icon should now appear consistently in the objective text for the Bridge Out secondary mission.
  • Fixed an occlusion issue on the rocket when panning the camera during the Launch the Rocket mission.
  • Players should now receive the correct medal when completing a mission’s basic requirements.
  • Reward chests from Signal Boost spawn closer to players.
  • Hit the Road's Signal Boost mission awards the correct amount of reward chests.


  • The mini map no longer goes blank when a player is eliminated in Hit the Road. 
  • Objective markers no longer appear on the map indefinitely in the Hit the Road mission.
Bug Fixes
  • Emote music no longer continues to play when switching to another tab while previewing an emote in the lobby.
  • Spray decals now properly show up when shadows are toggled off.
  • Fixed Zoom controller button display in the world map.
  • Mission alert rewards will now correctly display the rewards during a mission.
  • HUD ammo counter will no longer show large numbers when the player is eliminated.
  • The tip text on the loading screen will no longer be cut off.
  • Collection book tiles now properly update when researching an item.
  • The blank Bonuses tab will now properly be hidden when Survivors are being viewed in the Event/Weekly Store.
  • Custom Wargames in Twine Peaks now display the correct reward item names.
  • Players will no longer lose input of the Close Game tab while opening Llama packs.
  • Attempting to leave a Storm Shield while Waiting For Assistance will no longer leave the player trapped there.
  • Fixed a crash on PC when trying to play old movie content.
  • Cloaked Star now takes inventory space.
  • The Health and Shield bar of spectating player now displays the correct values in Hit the Road.
  • The Rewards Info menu now shows the rewards for completing SSD1. 
  • The number of waves completed will now appear correctly on the Results screen after completing an Endurance SSD.


  • Improved performance in the Frontend.


  • Thunder Thora rumbles back into the Event Store!
    • Standard Perk: Electrified Floors
      • Enemies standing on structures affected by B.A.S.E take 12.7 base Energy Damage every 5 seconds.
    • Commander Perk: Electrified Floors+
      • Enemies standing on structures affected by B.A.S.E take 38.1 base Energy Damage every 5 seconds.
    • Available in the Event Store starting August 14 at 8:00 PM Eastern Time.
  • The following Hero perks now work with SMGs in addition to their original weapon type:
    • Assault Ammo Recovery
    • Assault Crit Damage
    • Assault Damage
    • Blaze of Glory
    • First Assault
    • Where's Lefty
  • The following perks were NOT updated to work with SMGs. These perks have been made eligible for a reset:
    • Make It Count
    • Six Shooter
    • Hipshot
    • Swash
    • Buckle
  • The First Assault perk now works after overheating for weapons that use heat generation instead of magazines.
Bug Fixes
  • Players are no longer launched when they use the Heavy Attack with Spectral Blade into a Sand Tornado.
  • The Ninja’s Throwing Stars ability now cancels Emotes.
  • Destroying a B.A.S.E while Supercharged Traps perk is active will maintain the B.A.S.E bonus on traps.

Weapons + Items

  • The following Legendary weapons, and their lower rarities, have been reclassified as SMGs and are eligible for a reset:
    • Blastotron Mini
    • Bobcat
    • Founder's QuickShot
    • Hemlock
    • Lightning Pistol
    • Monsoon
    • Ratatat
    • Riptide
    • Silenced Specter
    • Thrasher
    • Typewriter
    • Vindertech Blazer
    • Viper
  • Added new Transform Keys for the SMG weapon category. 
  • Updated Mission Alerts to possibly award new SMG Transform Keys.
  • Updated Llama Choice rewards to possibly award SMG Schematics.
  • Defender perks that increase Assault or Pistol damage now also increase SMG damage.
  • Assault and Pistol Defenders can now use SMGs as well as their primary weapon type.
  • When you recycle a trap from your inventory you will get up to 100% of the materials used to craft it back, depending on the remaining durability.
Bug Fixes
  • Defenders now hold spears correctly.  


Bug Fixes
  • The Impossibly Spotless Finish Quest now properly displays its Banner in the Quest's Rewards section of the Quest Log.
  • Corrected Husk pathing around B.A.S.E.
  • Power Rating Player Disconnect: We no longer disconnect a player with too low of a power rating after a match has ended. 
    • This fixes a bug where players were unregistered when the game ended, but were then kicked before seeing the end game podium sequence because their power level could not be found.


Bug Fixes
  • Husks should now damage structures while players are standing on B.A.S.E.

Art + Animation

Bug Fixes
  • Built structures no longer appear transparent when they are upgraded.


Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where occasionally the looting sound effects would not always play.