The Featured Hub

Posted by Twigsby on 10/14/2019

Chapter 2 marks the start of a new era for Fortnite and with it comes a brand new Battle Royale map. As you may have noticed, the Block no longer lives on the Battle Royale island. We cherished and were inspired by your work and have chosen to transform the magic of the Block into something new. Introducing the Featured Hub:


The Featured Hub houses your saved creations and featured community games. The first few Featured Hubs were designed by a group of community creators that were flown out to Epic Games HQ. Head in-game now to see the first few.

Going forward, you have the opportunity to imagine your own Hub and submit it for a chance to be seen and played by everyone. Similar to The Block, we’ll be rotating in new Hubs on a regular basis. The Creative Content Submission form has been updated with new fields for the Featured Hub. Submit your work here!


Start here -> Load a Featured Hub template. The Grassy Hill template is the only available option for now, but we’ll add more later.

The default settings and options on this template are already tuned for community-created Hubs. There is no need to change any of the preset settings, except the “Voice Chat” option. Be sure to change the setting from Team to All. You can fully customize the following on your Hub:

  • Time of Day
  • Camera Filter
  • Light Brightness
  • Light Color
  • Fog Thickness
  • Fog Color
  • Gravity

Here are some additional guidelines to follow when submitting your Hub to be featured:

  • 35,000 Memory or Less.
  • No devices that can damage/eliminate players.
  • Props must not block the view of any rifts for players.
  • No gameplay mechanics.
  • Center hub arena must be flat or maximum of 1 tile high.
  • Limit the use of particle effects and other transparent layers.
  • No vehicles.
  • No consumables.