Save the World Locker Blog #1

Posted by Twigsby on 7/29/2019

Hey Fortnite Community,

We’re bringing the Locker into Save the World!  Starting with the launch of the new season, you’ll be able to use your favorite Dances, Emoticons, Sprays, and Toys as you battle the Storm.  We have a lot of information to share so let’s hop in:

What’s available at the launch of the new season?
Loading Screens, Music, and Emotes!  Emotes include every category of emote: Dances, Emoticons, Sprays, and Toys. 

Will there be other cosmetics in Save the World?
We are working hard to make every cosmetic type available for you to bring with you on your quest against the Storm. We’re focusing on wraps and pickaxes as the next addition to the Locker. When pickaxes arrive in Save the World, we will grant all of the unique pickaxes you earn through progress in Save the World as cosmetic items which you’ll be able to use in Battle Royale as well.

Will there be other improvements to locker functionality and cosmetics?
Yes! There are many improvements still on the way.  For example, we plan on adding the ability to emote from the end-of-mission screen and to call out distances in chat when using toys.  While every emote works with any Hero, there are some issues with clipping or positioning with certain Hero and Emote combinations.  Fixing those is an ongoing process which will continue over the course of the season. 

How is the development team approaching adding cosmetics to Save the World?
During the process of bringing cosmetics to Save the World, we have kept several principles in mind.

First, we want all cosmetics to be completely optional, just like they are in Battle Royale.  Cosmetics are fun to use, while providing no in-game advantage.

Second, we will not take anything away from anyone.  If you have a cosmetic option now, you will keep it!

Third, we want cosmetic items to be as universal as possible.  We will allow you to use all of the cosmetics you own from Battle Royale regardless of the type, as long as they can apply to Save the World.  Your Save the World emotes and pickaxes will be usable in Battle Royale as well.

Do I still own Ride the Pony?  What about people who earned Ride the Pony in the Season 2 Battle Pass? 
Yes, if you have Ride the Pony already in either mode, you can now use it in all modes.  And, it’s now a traversal emote!

For players who earned Ride the Pony in the Season 2 Battle Pass, you will also receive a new traversal emote called Pony Up! to show that you earned that tier of the Battle Pass. 

If you don’t already have Ride the Pony, you can get it by becoming a Save the World Founder!  

Will there be an Item Shop in Save the World?
Yes, we plan to add the Item Shop to Save the World once all cosmetics are available.  At the moment we’re focused on adding the ability to use cosmetics you already own. For now you’ll have to buy cosmetics through the Battle Royale store until the Save the World Item Shop goes live.

See you in game!