Save the World v9.0 Design Chat

Posted by Twigsby on 5/7/2019

Hey everyone!

In v8.50 we made some adjustments to the top end of Twine Peaks and we’ve been keeping a close watch on the discussions regarding these changes. We definitely understand the need that top end players have for things like higher-end crafting materials and, more importantly, Epic and Legendary PERKUP.

Because of this, we’ll be making the following changes in v9.0:

Twine Peaks

We are currently evaluating the distribution of XP versus Perk and Evolution Materials to determine if a greater change to XP is necessary. In the short term, we’re increasing the frequency of all rewards in high-end Twine Peaks missions with the exception of XP rewards, to allow these other reward types to appear more often.

Reorganization of Twine Peaks:
  • Twine Peaks missions will now follow a more linear path which offers greater readability than the existing “pie-chart” structure.
  • We’re adding more missions to each region of Twine Peaks which will introduce more mission variety, and more reward choices.
  • We’ve reduced environment health scaling in high-end Twine Peaks to not overtake pickaxe damage scaling.
    • The health of breakable environment objects continued to scale in high-end Twine. This resulted in players having to spend more time to farm materials than intended. We’ve reduced the amount of scaling introduced in these new missions so that harvesting feels better in these top end zones.

Mission Alerts

Additionally, we’ve heard your feedback regarding Mission Alerts: the quotas are confusing, and they forced you to save up your Mission Alerts until a good reward appeared. We’re removing this invisible quota and making some quality-of-life changes to how Mission Alerts function in v9.0:
  • Every Mission Alert that you can see on the map can be completed once per day. We mean every Mission Alert: if you’re a Twine player, you can complete every Mission Alert from Twine Peaks down to Stonewood if that is your heart’s desire. No more reason to hoard your Mission Alerts.
  • A Mission Alert that you have already completed today will have a check mark appear next to it, indicating that this particular Mission Alert will not grant any bonus rewards until it refreshes the following day.
  • Mission Alerts will now refresh on the map once per day, at the same time each day (Midnight UTC). All check marks will be removed, and the Mission Alerts will re-roll.

We’re also improving Mission Alerts further using a new feature we call...

Weekly Quests

We’re introducing a new type of quest: Weekly Quests! The purpose of Weekly Quests is to give you a nice little weekly reward bump for making progress towards short-term goals by doing the things that you’re already doing.
  • Our first type of Weekly Quest, introduced in v9.00, is a Mission Alert Weekly Quest. This Weekly Quest asks you to complete 10 Mission Alerts of a difficulty level appropriate to your overall Campaign progress.
  • This first Weekly Quest will be added to your Quest Log the first time you collect your Daily Login reward after you’ve downloaded the 9.00 patch.

Finally, in v9.10 we’ll be granting everyone a Legendary Troll Stash Llama and a pack of mission rewards based on your account level, due to the issue that caused players to be kicked from matches during the Easter Weekend. We understand the frustrations of being unable to play and sincerely apologize that it took as long as it did to get resolved.

Thank you for your passionate feedback, and as always:

Stay Awesome Community!