Save the World Roadmap - 7.6.2019

Posted by Twigsby on 6/7/2019

We’re back with another Save the World roadmap! We hope you all are enjoying the v9.20 update so far an now that the theme of v9.20 is revealed; Here’s a peek at some of the new highlights in the coming updates:

V9.20 Content Update (Week of 6/11)

  • Sci-Fi Pistol
    • These pistol projectiles are out of this world!
  • Wargames - Quantum Countdown
    • Wait… did that bomb just teleport?

v9.30 (Week of 6/18)

  • Diecast Jonesy (Returning)
  • Chromium Ramirez (Returning)
  • SSD - Endurance
    • How many waves can you complete?
  • Retrieve the Data (Beta Storm Version) and Resupply return as permanent missions!

v9.30 Content Update 1 (Week of 6/25)

  • Sci-Fi Bat
    • Hey batta batta! Swing at those balls of energy!
  • Get ready for some summer fun!
    • A new quest is available each Day. Complete all 14 to unlock a 💥 weapon!
  • Wargames - Shortcut

v9.30 Content Update 2 (Week of 7/2)

  • Star-Spangled Headhunter (Returning)
  • Patriot Penny (Returning)
  • Old Glory A.C. (Returning)
  • Stars and Stripes Jonesy (Returning)
    • Complete one of the 14 event quest to unlock this Hero.
  • Freedom’s Herald Pistol (Returning)
  • Wargames - Meltdown
    • Stay away!

v9.30 Content Update 3 (Week of 7/9)

  • Sci-Fi Launcher
  • Wargames - Double Trouble
    • There are two of them!?

We wanted to give you a heads up that the Sci-Fi Llama will be available until the launch of v9.40, which is the week of 7/16. The Scifi Llama will be replaced by the Year 2 Birthday Llama and, similar to last year, we’ll be providing a comprehensive checklist of items that you can snag from the Llama closer to it’s launch. The Year 2 Birthday Llama will cost 1,000 Summer Tickets (Same ticket type as the previous season 9 Llamas).

Spend your tickets on the Scifi Llama or stockpile them for the year 2 Birthday Llama, the choice is yours!

We would also like to give a big shout out to everyone who has given us feedback since the launch of Season 9. We’ve been able to track down and fix the most egregious Wargames / SSD issues (trap durability, matchmaking, and health scaling) that have been reported by you all so far. Additionally, we’ve been able to make significant improvements to console performance over the course of this season because of the help that we’ve gotten from you, the community. We’ve also been further digging into the reports of higher end missions continuing to not properly grant the "people" resource. We’ve found the cause of this and will have Rescue the Survivor missions properly rewarding "people" in v9.30.

We’re continuing to monitor the status of each of these so please continue to give us feedback and let us know of the issues that you may be experiencing.

P.S… Energy Ammo will no longer cost bacon in v9.30. We’ll be replacing it with batteries. :)

Stay Awesome Community!