Posted by Twigsby on 12/18/2019

Get ready to brave the freeze, Commanders! 


Save the World 50% Off Sale!

Founder’s Packs are now 50% off until January 17th. [LINK]

Founder’s Pack upgrades are also back! Upgrade to the Super Deluxe and Limited Edition packs via the in-game Store.

Frosty Turf Frostnite Challenge

Reports from the weather balloon show some extremely frosty weather this week in Frostnite. We’re getting cold feet when stepping on snow and slower trap reloads due to the frost!

Overcome the Frosty Turf challenge to unlock the Tree of Light! Available on December 19th at 1AM Eastern Time

Tree of Light

Festive...and deadly! Slow weapon with high damage that creates a burst of stunning light every eight hits. Activate the mighty Double Slash to damage and knock back enemies in a wide cone.


BATTLE BREAKER’S Kurohomura Joins the Fight!

No Husk is safe from his Seismic Smash!! Unlock Kurohamura for free when you reach level 50 in Battle Breakers
  • Standard Perk: Seismic Stun
    • Seismic Smash applies a 3.3 second stun and 1,500 impact.
  • Commander Perk: Seismic Stun+
    • Seismic Smash applies a 3.3 second stun and 1,500 impact. Additionally, Seismic Smash deals 35 base Fire damage every second for 3 seconds.

The Pain Train Assault Rifle Returns

Slow and steady wins the race! Assault rifle with a slow rate of fire that packs a punch per shot.

Available from the weekly store starting December 18 at 7 PM ET until December 25 at 7 PM ET.


Be sure to check the Llama Store daily beginning on December 18. You never know what goodies may appear!