Posted by Twigsby on 11/5/2019

What’s up Commanders,

Prepare for the bone chilling Beats of the Week!

Bladey Acres Questline

Pack your sunscreen and get ready for a summer camp adventure! Sure, it’s no longer summer, and sure Camp Shady Acres is crawling with Summer Camp Slashers, and yes this isn’t an adventure so much as what the cube told us to do… but c’mon, it’ll be fun.


Black Metal Scythe

Fight off even the most sinister brood with the Brood Slicer. Moderate damage and heavy impact with Black Metal flair and a devastating Whirlwind Attack.


Dusk the Outlander Returns!

She may try to draw you in with her mysterious allure, but don’t get too close- this creature of the night’s bite siphons health from her enemies.
  • Standard Perk: Phase Siphon
    • Dashing through enemies with Phase Shift heals 12 base Health per enemy passed through.
  • Commander Perk: Phase Siphon+
    • Dashing through enemies with Phase Shift heals 36 base Health per enemy passed through.


Candy Corn LMG Returns!

When danger comes knocking at your door, the Candy Corn LMG packs a sweet punch. Mow down the Husks with festive treats!

Available from the weekly store starting November 6th at 7 PM Eastern Time until November 13th at 7 PM Eastern Time.