Save the World Roadmap | 10.15.19

Posted by Twigsby on 10/15/2019

What’s up Save the World community,

We’re back with another roadmap! Here’s a peek at some of the new highlights coming in the next few months.

v11 (Week of 10/15)

  • New Costumed Soldier 
  • Plague Doctor Igor Returns!
    • The Doctor is in…
  • AFK / Leeching Improvements!
    • In-game AFK has been F.O.R.Tified! 
      • We’ve significantly reduced the time before AFK players will be removed from matches. 
      • Players not contributing in public matches will receive a warning message on their screen, their team will be alerted, and then automatically removed from the session if they haven’t shaped up.
      • Players who are not contributing to objectives will receive less rewards than those who are actively participating.
  • Wild West Llama
    • Revamped and available for a limited time! Cost 500 event tickets.

V11.01  (Week of 10/22)

  • Haunted Hotel Questline
    • Suite Dreams, Commanders!
  • New Spooky Outlander
    • The first rule of fright club is...
  • Gravedigger Returns!
    • Send the Husks to their graves!

v11.10 (Week of 10/29) - Fortnitemares Begins!

  • Fortnitemares Questline - Therewolf
  • Storm King breaks out of Canny Valley!
    • He’s back..  And in training.
  • Dire Returns
    • The leader of the pack is back!
  • Ghost Pistol Returns
    • Ghostly... And buffed!
  • Fortnitemares Llama
    • Contains old fan favorites and a new weapon set! Cost 500 event tickets. (Note: This replaces the Wild West Llama)
  • Jack-O-Launcher returns!
    • Collect all the Costume Party Survivors to unlock this returning launcher!

V11.10 Content Update (Week of 11/5)

  • Fortnitemares Questline - Summer Camp
  • Black Metal Scythe
    • Swing away! Just watch your health..
  • Dusk Returns
    • Prepare to Siphon!
  • Candycorn LMG Returns
    • Have some candy!

V11.10 Content Update 2 (Week of 11/12)

  • Fortnitemares Questline - Monster Bride
  • Monster Constructor
    • It was a mash!
  • Black Metal Sword
    • A Sword.. of the black metal variety.
  • Music Pack
    • Unlock this music pack for your locker!
  • Raven Returns
    • He’s still outside...

V11.20 and onward!

  • Mythic Storm King
    • Prepare for battle, Commanders! Get ready to take on the Storm King in the most challenging battle that Save the World has ever seen. This fight features new mechanics, new challenges, and a daunting enrage timer. This fight will put even the strongest players to the test. Those who are able to overcome this challenge will have a chance to earn...
  • Mythic Weapons
    • Wield the power of the Storm King!. These unique weapons represent the Storm King himself, both visually and in power. Each weapon has a unique perk that unlocks special behaviors, right from level 1. Shoot homing projectiles for insane headshot streaks, charge your weapon to unleash a devastating chained laser blast, or summon meteors from the sky to smash husks into oblivion! 
      • These weapons drop exclusively from the Mythic Storm King. If you want to use them, you’ll have to earn them: they cannot be dropped from your Backpack.
  • Gameplay Adjustments 
    • We’ve been listening to the community’s concerns and observations of the state of the mid to high end gameplay meta. We’ve decided to make some changes to improve the Save the World moment-to-moment gameplay experience for everyone.  
    • We also want to shake up how the game is played, intending to keep the gameplay exciting with a renewed focus on counterplay going forward. Below are some examples of what to expect:
      • We will adjust some traps to make them more effective in some situations while also reducing exploitation in others. In at least one case we will completely redesign a trap to make sure it goes to good use and is enjoyed by players. 
        • Example: Gas traps will disperse bee clouds, but enemies must stay in the gas cloud itself to take damage over time.
      • Adjustments will be made to some AI to make them less frustrating in some cases while reducing exploits in others.
        • Example: Propane tanks will no longer be dropped by Sploder Huskies if they are eliminated before throwing them or self destructing.
      • Hero ability damage will be adjusted so that it scales as effectively as weapons do currently.
  • Locker Completion
    • We’re happy to announce that cosmetics will be fully completed!  We’ll be rolling out each Locker component, as well as additional improvements, over the course of this Chapter. Some of the features you can expect are:
      • Customize your commander’s appearance using any Outfit and Backbling you own.
      • Wraps will be applicable to all ranged weapons, melee weapons, and your hoverboard!
      • All reactive outfits, backbling, and pickaxes will be made to work with Save the World (using different criteria from Battle Royale where necessary and appropriate).
      • Your banner will also be set in the locker and will work with outfits, backbling, and pickaxes that use the banner in their appearance.

You will notice this is a lighter update than usual for a ‘.00’ release for Save the World - we’re shifting to a less frequent cadence, but aiming for more meaningful updates as a result. This allows us to diverge from shipping features around Battle Pass launches and release them in a more polished state.

Finally, we’re cooking up another exciting feature that we're hoping to launch this season  alongside the other features mentioned above. We aren't quite ready to share the details on this just yet.. but we'll have a blog ready to highlight details closer to its release.

Stay awesome community!