Mobile Issues Status - February 2019

Posted by Twigsby on 2/22/2019

Heya folks,

We want to continue to update you on our mobile quality of life push progress. In patch v7.40 we introduced several fixes to many of the top community concerns. We are looking to continue this going into Season 8.

Here’s a list of the top issues we’ve identified on mobile and plan to tackle first*:
  • Unable to Build
    • We are currently investigating a variety of building issues and hope to have more information.
    • Got info to share? Drop it here!
  • Reset button will not apply when user slides along the button when editing a wall
    • Fixed in v7.30.1
  • Temporary loss of 'ADS' functionality upon switching between weapons
    • Fixed in v7.40
  • Deleting then reinstalling the Fortnite app will reset the user's HUD Layout
    • Fixed in v7.40
  • No spectator icon appears after killing a player on mobile.
    • Fixed in v7.40
  • Double tapping from a weapon to a consumable briefly fires the equipped weapon (visual bug)
    • Fixed in v7.40
  • Intermittently Console/Touch HUD shows input is blocked despite using a mobile controller or Touch
    • Fixed in v8.00
  • Interaction Button
    • Interacting with items when there was blocking line of site should no longer occur.
      • This includes: Ziplines, Chest, Vending Machines, and Floor Loot
    • Fixed in v8.00
  • Combat/Build mode button adjustments
    • TL;DR
      • When players switch modes and use the quickbar for building placement, combat mode could be re-entered.
    • Fixed in v8.00
  • Players are unable to change from standing to crouch position while editing structures
    • Fixed in v8.00
  • Dedicated edit button
    • TL;DR
      • Editing issues with the button that include players temporarily being unable to select tiles to edit at certain times. If you happen to run into this please report it in game and send us feedback
    • Currently investigating
  • Using auto run without a controller toggles auto sprint
    • We are investigating this if you happen to run into this please report it in game and send us feedback.
*If we learn new information about any issues the changes will be reflected in the above list. If an issue has been fixed it will be shown with a strikethrough.

With the release of the v7.40 update, we added the new dedicated edit button and some turbo building fixes. Your feedback on the latest changes is valuable as we move towards Fortnite Season 8 release.  

Check back for updates on top bugs as we dig in or let us know what else you’d want included here or on Trello. Thank you for all of the feedback, discussion and support!