#FortniteFright Update

Posted by Twigsby on 10/22/2019

Hey Creative Developers,
Last week, we discussed the addition of the Featured Hub and the changes made to the Block including the Artistic Showcase. We’ll be monitoring your submissions and Artistic Showcase, especially with #Fortnitemares creeping in.

Speaking of #Fortnitemares, some of you might have seen our new Twitter channel (@FNCreate) dedicated to Creative content and sharing community creations. We will be sharing some of the amazing #FortniteFright submissions we’ve seen on the channel along with other awesome community creations. Follow us to stay updated and see more great content like these:

Make your way through Jag’s Horror House (5028-1548-0889).

TheWitchyHippie has something in the works. We think she should keep going how about you?

Grab a few friends and try out Roshuno’s FFA map - 4 player max (1434-9891-2815).

Is Prop Hunt more of your style? Jennyello’s #FortniteFright Prop Hunt map is for you (9573-3653-3744).

You’ve probably heard of Zone Wars, but have you heard of Bed Wars? We’ve seen a growing number of these, including Itz_Gap’s Nightmares Awaken (3267-3164-8507). 

We’re excited to see the final #FortniteFright submissions!