Fortnite Spy Games - Limited Time Modes!

Posted by Twigsby on 4/15/2020

You’ve been activated to check out Chapter 2 - Season 2’s spy-based, rotating LTM missions. Your action-packed assignments are Operation: Dropzone and Operation: Knockout!

In Operation: Dropzone, fight 50 vs 50 to get 100 eliminations before the other team, all while facing off in smaller Storm circles and securing Intel to unlock new gameplay items called Tech.

And in Operation: Knockout, compete in a tournament of one-on-one Squad or Duo battles to see which team comes out on top. The winning teams get more Intel for more Tech!

Tech includes special skills and gear that can only be used in the Spy Games — such as a Jetpack and the Double Jump ability. We've also just added a lot more Tech, like the flinch-reducing Strong Resolve ability, and we'll be adding even more in the future. Your unlock progress carries throughout the whole Season, so grab your Tech and upgrade your gameplay!