Featured Island Guidelines

Posted by Twigsby on 9/5/2019

Hey Fortnite Creative Developers,

Last week we gave some insight into the most played games within Fortnite Creative. We’ll shift gears today and focus more on what we’re looking for in Featured Islands. 

We introduced the Creative Submission Form back in March with initial guidelines for Featured Islands. Since then, we’ve received an overwhelming amount of awesome games and have refined our guidelines to better match our standards for featured content.

Updated Featured Island Guidelines

  • Your Island is a game.

  • Mechanics: We’re looking for a mix of game types. Your Island can be a multiplayer, co-op, pvp, solo, puzzle, parkour experience or something totally new. Innovate! 

  • Difficulty: While you may be amazing at Fortnite, not every player may be as skilled as you. We always appreciate a great game that is accessible to more players. If creating a deathrun map, try ramping the difficulty in each stage and having achievable checkpoints.

  • Your game has clear, consistent rules, and is easy to understand with minimal text explanation.

  • The map is aesthetically pleasing.

  • It is unique and is ultimately your own work.

  • Contains no inappropriate content.

  • Does not include any images, artwork, sculptures, structures, logos, words, phrases, lyrics or music that are under copyright or trademark, as well as any content that was not created solely by you.

  • Does not contain URLs or web links. Telling people your handles on social media accounts is fine.

If we end up loving your Island there’s a chance it may get featured as an LTM. These have additional requirements and may require you to make adjustments to your game.

Creative Submission Process

Same as before, we’re using Google forms to collect and review submissions. It’s not perfect, so we’re considering different methods to collect submissions in the near future.