Design Chat: Twine Tweaks!

Posted by Twigsby on 4/19/2019

Hey everyone!


As mentioned in our most recent [Save the World roadmap], we’ll be making some adjustments to the top end of Twine Peaks in v8.50. We’ve been keeping an eye on the discussions regarding the lack of more difficult content and agree that it’s time to make some changes.


We’ll be adding five new levels of difficulty to the top end of Twine Peaks to give higher level players a bit more of a challenge. These missions will have a maximum base power level of 128 and will scale up with 4x missions and Mission Alerts, just like missions do now. Our goal with this change is to start introducing harder content into Save the World while also preparing you for the battles yet to come.


With harder difficulty comes better loot! In general, players will find that these new missions will favor tier-5 materials, such as Sunbeam and Brightcore,  more and more as they progress deeper into Twine. Players who are strong enough to take on these mission will also find themselves earning better loot from things like chests, mining nodes, and Mission Rewards. These changes should help players keep an arsenal of leveled up schematics rather than being forced to craft downtier to save their higher grade materials.


This is the first iteration of changes we’re making to bring you harder content. We have even more challenges coming in season 9 and even tougher battles coming later this year.


Stay Awesome Community!