Creative Featured Content

Posted by Twigsby on 3/19/2019

Fortnite Creators,

The Creative community has grown with tremendous haste these past few months, and with it the amount of amazing content in the ecosystem. We’re excited to present an official way to submit your content directly to Epic for review. Now is your chance to be featured in-game!

Click here to head to the official content submission page. On this page, you can submit your block or featured island creations.

Before you do, make sure you review the guidelines for Featured Islands and The Block below.

Featured Island Guidelines


What we’re looking for when reviewing Featured Island submissions:

  • Your island is a game.
    • We’re looking for a mix of game types. Your island can be a multiplayer, coop, pvp, solo, puzzle, parkour experience or something totally new. Innovate!
  • It has clear game rules.
  • It is easy to understand.
  • The map is aesthetically pleasing.
  • It is unique and is ultimately your own work.
  • Contains no inappropriate content.
  • Does not include any images, artwork, sculptures, structures, logos, words, phrases, lyrics or music that are under copyright or trademark, as well as any content that was not created solely by you.

Block Guidelines


What we’re looking for when reviewing Block submissions:

  • A unique aesthetic theme / style.
  • A unique and original level design.
  • Thoughtful set dressing for both interior and exterior zones.
  • Dynamic and interesting player pathing throughout the zones.
  • Significant landmarks that players can use for orientation and callouts.

What we avoid when reviewing Block submissions:

  • Large, empty interiors.
  • Unoriginal designs & remakes of old Battle Royale locations.
  • Too many resources available.
    • For example, don’t place massive amounts of Wood, Stone or Metal in a concentrated location.
  • Zones that are difficult for players to fight in.
    • For example, tight spaces with limited mobility or areas that don’t take line of sight into account.
  • Poor player pathing and navigation.
  • Any images, artwork, sculptures, structures, logos, words, phrases, lyrics or music that are under copyright or trademark, as well as any content that was not created solely by you.

Below are a few more notes to keep in mind when creating your block submission.


  • Pick a style and stick with it. If your design requires multiple themes to achieve a particular style, that’s totally ok.
  • It’s ok to push boundaries and try something that looks different. Think about what makes your block stand out amongst the other submissions.


  • Do not place any vehicle spawns in your level.
  • Chests should be in recognizable, landmark locations. Examples:
    • The center of an open courtyard.
    • Behind discoverable, destructible objects.
    • On top of a statue.
  • Add one Block Chest to your creation. Ideally, this is in an interesting location that encourages discovery
  • Keep in mind, the level design team may adjust the quantity or location of any loot spawns on The Block if we feel it will improve player experience.


  • Be mindful of prop density. You don’t want players to get stuck on furniture as they are exploring an interior zone.
  • Lead players to easily discoverable loot opportunities. Example, the audio from a chest hidden in an attic can be heard in rooms close to the attic.
  • Gigantic sculptures can be an awesome thematic centerpiece, just make sure they can be traversed and work well with our core mechanics (building, looting, destruction, etc).
  • Keep the normal Battle Royale rules in mind. Players can build and destroy anything.
  • Using the entire space of the Block is not required


  • Don’t overload the map with too many lights within close proximity to each other


  • Be mindful of players with epilepsy. In general, stay away from over the top flashing lights.


  • If we pick your Block, we aren’t required to attribute it to you or compensate you.
  • Anything you submit to us is subject to the Epic Games End User License Agreement which means, among other things:
    • Epic has the right to make use of anything you submit to us for any purpose, including for commercial purposes, without any compensation or notification to, or permission from, you.
    • Epic isn’t obligated to use anything you submit to us.
    • Epic isn’t responsible or liable for what others do with your submission

We can’t wait to see what you create! If you’re looking for inspiration, follow our Twitter and Instagram channels, where we post info and images of new featured islands and blocks.