Fortnite Creative AMA 8.27.2019

Posted by Twigsby on 8/27/2019

Hey everyone,

Thanks for joining us on Tuesday for the Fortnite Creative AMA on Reddit. We enjoyed fielding the community's burning questions and giving some insight into Creative's future. You'll find a complete recap of the AMA below with all our answers or you can visit the original AMA here.

Reddit AMA

Welcome to today’s Fortnite Creative AMA! We’re looking forward to answering all your questions, but first we’ll introduce who we have joining today.

  • Zookeeperzak - Creative Development Director

  • Curu_FN - Senior Designer

  • BrownFort - Developer Relations

  • Slevin_009 - Gameplay Designer

We asked you to provide some questions for us to kick off, and here are some of those answers:

Q: Will we get a POI namer in Creative?
A: Saw a design for this in reddit. Looks awesome. We’ll add it to the list of devices to build.

Q: Will we get an advanced terrain editor?
A: We have terrain editing on the list of tools we want to build. Ahead of it are better content browsing and undo/redo. It’s going to be some time before we get to it.

Q: Will we get bigger islands?
A: We are always working to provide ‘MORE’. We are working on some backend tech that will enable bigger islands, still in the prototype stage right now though.

Q: Will we get in-game cosmetic / locker selector?
A: We’d love to add this. We are still figuring out how widely this feature could be used and figuring out how to work around technical restrictions we have on mobile.

Q: Is it possible to add place able rifts to islands that could lead to other islands? This way people can create games that span multiple levels/islands.
A: YES, we are working on this, we need to allow players to travel between servers to allow this to work for real so it’s taking extra time.

Q: Is there a way to allow us to save the placement of the free camera so that when we leave a map and then return it would still be in the same spot? If not that, is it possible for it to list coordinates of camera placements and zooms so that we can recreate exact scenes? 
A: We have a few designs for different camera devices and screenshot tools. Generally yes this is something we’re thinking about. Could you explain more about how you would use it and what the player experience would be?

Q: Are there plans to add any sort of matchmaking for something like the Featured maps — similar to LTMs? Currently the best way to get players is to go in Playground but typically those players will just load a Storm Wars. An option to choose between: queue for a game with others or play on your server with those you’ve invited when viewing the Featured Rift information, perhaps?
A: Yes this is work we’re doing as part of adding the ability to link islands through portals.

Q: Have you ever thought about revamping the creative menu as a whole? It's a mess and it's hard to find the particular prefab and gallery you want. Better organization with collapsible categories.
A: Yes this is work we’re working on currently as part of improving content browsing.

Q: Are there any plans for increasing the maximum island and block entry memory?
A: Yes we’re working on more precise tools for performance and those will allow us to make the memory budgets more accurate which should result in some increased memory and likely the ability to have zoned memory like we do on the Battle Royle map. This is a long term plan so it’s going to take a while to see those changes.

Q: Could we get an in-game menu to browse for published maps instead of relying on finding games via social media platforms or just playing featured maps? u/BENZ4DUCKS
A: Yes, we’re working towards improving discovery of games.

Q: Will a different method of publishing maps ever be introduced? There are tons of great maps out there, but cannot be published because people don't/can't have a support a creator code for various reasons, myself included! u/JakeBoycometh
A: Yes, we’re working towards opening publishing to more developers. This is still a longer term plan though so the best solution right now is to reach out to us directly with your amazing creation and we’ll often get you setup with SAC.

Q: Will we get the option to change island settings on someone else’s island when given permission from the owner of the island? u/ramon_221
A: Saw this request recently in reddit. This will require more refactoring. Currently the plan is to move those settings on to setting devices that you place in the world and set there. We’d break these into more logical groups. And then only use My Island for the administration tools and starting / stopping the game.

Q: What are your favorite creations so far? Or are there any that have surprised you? u/ll-FooFighter-ll
A: Pimit’s u/THCommandBlocks Gravity Swap Deathrun is pretty amazing His use of the barriers to teleport the player is pretty ingenious, although not recommended since it’s fairly buggy :).

Zookeeperzak - are you Zak from Save the World era? Any chance Creative will get STW features so we can create our own missions?
A: Yes I am that Zak. STW is near and dear to my heart! We are working towards getting Creative to that level what you could create scenarios much like STW. Not sure there will ever be a direct ability to make STW missions. Although that'd be awesome, will keep it in mind.

Q: Will we ever get custom Prefabs?
A: Yes, we want creators to be able to make custom prefabs, it's currently on the list.

Will there be a feature to send a trigger when someone gets eliminated or eliminates someone?
A: Yes there will be.

Any plans on adding event props like the Ice Ball from Polar Peak or the Rocket from Season 4?
A: Yes, we will continue adding iconic maps and assets to Creative from BR over time, as an example the Kevin cube.

I have 3 questions
1.Have you ever thought about adding shadow cubes, rifts to creative?
2. Have you considered doing poi islands? like a poi with Dusty Depot, Frosty Flights, etc.
3. What about rift zone effects? Has that been an idea for creative?
A: Shadow Cubes and teleporters are in plan so YES! We have talked about doing POIs. Please up vote if you want POI island templates Rift Zone effects are in plan YES!

Q: Do you see the future of creative as a game mode more separated from the Battle Royale game mode or do you think the two will stay closely related?
A: Creative from a framework point of view is very closely tied to Battle Royale. Plan is to continue to expand creative as far as possible and allowing many other game types while always continuing to support the ability to make your own version of Fortnite Battle Royale. They will be closely related and not :)

When will we be able to add normal rifts to our islands?
A: I can check to see if it's possible. There will be some work there.

Q: When can we generate our own island codes?
A: We have plans to allow this, they require a lot of new systems that we have just started to design. This will take a while. Until then we are doing our best to make Support A Creator available to anyone building amazing content and are improving clarity of how to apply.

Any chance we'll have more missions/challenges tied to the battle-pass in the future? Creative could really use some to bring players in to creative more frequently!
A: Yes, plan is to add more battle pass tie ins.

Q: Are you planning on adding regular rifts like the ones found at the stonehead statue or durr burger head or at Paradise palms?
A: I will check to see if it's possible. There will be some work there.

Q: could we get all variations of the battle royale spawn island as creative islands?
A: Yes, this is something we can look into.

Q: ⁠Will there be any sort of NPC or dialogue options for story-based games?
⁠Will weather options be implemented at some point?
⁠Many people who aren’t able to get 1,000 followers on social media (including myself) would love to be able to feature some of our amazing creations. Do you plan on enabling this feature for everyone?
⁠Will there ever be a server selection menu similar to games such as Minecraft or Gary’s Mod? Thank you for your time!
A: NPCs and Dialogue system is in plan
Weather options are in plan
We are improving clarity of how to get into Support A Creator for creators.
We are working on ideas to enable match making and some other ideas that will allow some server like experiences.

Will there be a easier way to get 1 or 2 props from a gallery instead of throwing down an entire gallery?
A: Yes we are working on a content browser it's going to taking longer then any of us would like.

Q: Will there ever be such a creative project with creators chosen by Epic to make creative maps (or other things)? Just like we saw in the Fortnite WC - Game Jam, Weezer World map etc.
A: Yeah, we love those creative projects as well since you all create them! We are brainstorming some new events and projects, will keep the community posted. ;)

Q: For the music sequencer, could we please get an option to change its direction to up/down?
A: This is definitely something we can look into.

Q: Will we be able to customize the bots to have a skin on of some kind. I dont like how there just gray, and i would like to be able to customize it.
A: Yes, we will add some options to allow for bots to have skins. What those skins are we don't know yet.

Can we have every added weapon into fortnite creative. It will give everyone more weapons to choose from and have everyone have fun with earlier made weapons
A: Currently we do add every weapon except for the Guided Missile Launcher (which has tons of really horrendous bugs) or items that were re-categorized like the purple tac shotgun which got changed to a blue tac shotgun. If there's ones that are missing please let me know.

Q: Will it be possible to add an option in creative for weather and motion blur? I think weather like snow, rain, wind, etc would be such a great addition now that there’s a lighting scale. Motion blur would be great to just add a little spice up in the island to make it feel more authentic.
A: Yes, this is something we are working towards.\

 How far out are we from being able to have teleporter devices? It would be awesome if they could be used as receivers and hidden, and maybe even having its "effects" disabled for smooth moving about a map. Would really love to see this! (And thank you for the transmitting system, it's amazing!)
Is there a possibility of "capturable spawn points" becoming available? It would be awesome if we could set a radius for capture and some other options, along with naming them so that after elimination players can select the spawn points they own and spawn there next. Perhaps an option to win the game for owning them all too (with a timer?) :)

A: Teleporters are in development right now. It's going to be a few more releases to make sure we get all the bugs fixed.
Capture Spawn super interesting. We are adding more functionality to the Capture Area soon with that you could then hook with a channel to a spawn and make that work. That'd be really neat. You could probably do that now for a cost with the item spawner purchase.

Are you guys planning on adding anymore unique assets and prefabs that aren't in Battle Royale (The military base stuff).
A: Yes, we will be adding more unique Prefab theme sets that are not in BR.

Q: Can we get STW weapons in Creative?
A: We are going to bring some STW weapons to Creative. These will only have Battle Royale properties though.