Community Spotlight - MackJackTwitch

Posted by Twigsby on 11/5/2019

The focus of this Community Spotlight is on MackJackTwitch, who has been working in Creative since December when the mode first launched. If the name MackJackTwitch sounds familiar, it may be because it was her that created the featured hub in Fortnite last week. Let’s get started! 

Fortnite Team: What is your favorite Creative Mode creation?

MackJackTwitch: My favorite would have to be the map I just completed with my building partner Ritual. It's a Halloween mini game called Bobbing for Apples. I am so in love with every part of it.

FT: Could you explain your creative process?  

MJ: My process is writing out an idea and then journaling all my thoughts and ideas for the map,  getting concept art, and if working with a teammate, talking through with them. I then start building, figuring out different game mechanics and making the map look aesthetically pleasing. Then comes the testing and tweaking stage, which consists of a lot of testing to make sure the game doesn’t have bugs and make sure it isn’t too difficult or confusing. There is a fine balance in each map. 

Then comes the publishing and promoting, which involves recording gameplay/trailers and editing the videos to publish, capturing screenshots to post to different social media accounts and upload to websites.  

FT: What brings you the greatest joy from working in Creative Mode? 

MJ: The people. I've made some really great friends who are also creators, and I've met so many awesome people who take the time to play my games and then reach out to me. It is hands down the best part of all of this. 

FT: Do you prefer to work alone or as a part of a team? Why?

MJ: I love working as part of a team. Collaboration is huge! You can bounce ideas off each other and having someone else's perspective and brain helping is going to bring more opportunities for creativity, and also be more efficient. 

FT: Do you have a dream job related to your work in Creative, or do you do it as a hobby? 

MJ: This is hands down my dream job. I am so passionate about Fortnite Creative. This game has become so much more than a game to me. 

FT: Has community feedback changed how you create? How? 

MJ: The community feedback is the best part of creating for me. I love seeing how everyone reacts to something I've put a lot of hours into. I love reading everyone's messages, and it helps me with understanding what the community wants to play and ways I can improve my work. 

FT: What is your favorite gametype in Creative? 

MJ: My favorite would have to be Escape/Adventure maps! I love when you can be transported to a whole new world. 

FT: When did you start working in Creative? 

MJ: I started the day Creative Mode was released! I remember when it was announced and I was immediately excited about it.

Thank you for chatting with us, MackJack! Don’t forget to follow @MackJackTwitch on Twitter.

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