Community Spotlight - G_Schway

Posted by Twigsby on 10/24/2019

Hey all! This week, we had the opportunity to chat with @G_Schway, a gamer and creator from Imperial, California. G_Schway does all of her amazing creative work with a controller and has been playing games on controller for years.  She jumped into Creative last December and has been posting awesome content ever since. Let’s get to the interview! 

Fortnite Team: Who is your favorite creator and why? 

G:Schway: It's pretty difficult to just pick one as I could name about a handful of favorites… but if it's gotta be just one, it'd have to be WertAndrew; he's one of the most well-rounded and incredibly talented creators I've ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with. His work is nothing short of brilliant. His “Detective Stories” series was especially inspiring and will always be one of my favorites!

FT: What made you decide to jump into Creative Mode? 

GS: After graduating and obtaining my Residential Planning Diploma, I had a hard time finding work within the industry in my hometown; Fortnite Creative was something that allowed me to express myself and my imagination despite my circumstances. I truly just picked it up for fun, not realizing it would change my life for the better!

FT: Do you consider yourself more of an artist, level designer, coder or game designer? 

GS: I'd probably consider myself more of an artist; what I find most enjoyable in a project is working to create an atmosphere and making sure the overall aesthetics match the story I'm trying to tell while staying cohesive. While I do enjoy creating games, game design is definitely more of a struggle for me rather than just designing the environment around it.

FT: What is your favorite Creative Mode creation? 

GS: I feel like my favorite has to be my first-ever published island, not because it was the greatest nor prettiest, but because it helped me get my Support-A-Creator code and changed my life completely. Treetop Trenches was a post-apocalyptic survival community that I created because I had just finished watching Season 7 of The Walking Dead and I wanted to play Donkey Kong Country. Inspiration is in every corner, I tell ya!

FT: What are your favorite things about Fortnite and Creative Mode? 

GS: I've been playing Fortnite since Season 3 and one of the things I've always been so amazed by and loved most is how different the game is, compared to any other game I've ever played before. How many titles can anyone name that have hosted a live concert in-game? Probably not many, but what I do know is that Fortnite has pushed the boundary of imagination way further. The moment they released Creative Mode, they allowed us to do the same.

FT: Do you prefer to work alone or as a part of a team and why? 

GS: When I work alone, I'm working with one vision and one set of hands trying to execute that vision. I've realized that getting the opportunity to work alongside other creators allows me to learn from their experiences and creative processes and view the world from different perspectives. In a solo project, I wouldn't have to compromise my creative vision for another person’s and that could get rather boring. In collaborative projects, my good idea could spark an even greater idea in another’s mind and I find that to be the most fascinating part.

Thank you G_Schway! You can follow her on Twitter @G_Schway.

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