Community Spotlight - Axel Capek

Posted by Twigsby on 11/11/2019

The Fortnite Team: Who is your favorite creator and why?

Axel Capek: My favourite creator is BluDrive. His creations are usually well designed and balanced, the kind of levels I enjoy playing.
FT: What is your testing process?  
AC: Playing with friends! I have the chance to play test maps every Saturday with a group of other talented creators.
FT: What made you decide to jump into Creative Mode?
AC: I've always been a creative person. I've been modding and mapping in games such as Unreal Tournament, Half-Life and other Source engine games such as Left 4 Dead since I was 15. I'm 32 now so a long time!
FT: Do you consider yourself more of an artist, level designer, coder or game designer?
AC: I'd definitely consider myself more of a game and level designer, than an artist. 
FT: What is your favorite creation made in Creative Mode?

AC: My favorite thing to date is Durrr's Haunted Circuit! It's a Mario-Kart inspired track with a working race countdown and player standings! I'm proud of this one as there still isn't any other race track in creative as advanced as this (yet!).
FT: What are your favorite things about Fortnite and Creative Mode?
AC: The speed from having an idea to prototype is insanely fast; unlike previous level building or modding software I've used it would take days just to have something playable. In Creative it can take only an hour or two!

FT: Where do you get your ideas from?  

AC: I've played video and board games my whole life, so I guess my ideas come from a huge catalogue of games I've enjoyed over the years!
FT: What’s one tip you would you give to someone who is just starting in Creative Mode? 
AC: Look up other creators, and try to emulate some of your favourite creative maps. Add your own style and soon you'll find yourself thinking up and building your own ideas from scratch.
FT: What is your favorite gametype in Creative?
AC: I'm old school so I love a classic, well designed and balanced Free For All!

Thank you Axel for sharing your work with us! You can add “Fury Racing - Durrr’s Haunted Circuit" to your Creative queue by clicking HERE, and don’t forget to follow Axel on Twitter

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