Chapter 2 Season 1 Overtime Challenges - Part 3

Posted by Twigsby on 1/30/2020

There’s something unusual about this Cameo appearance. Complete the Challenges in the Cameo vs. Chic Mission to unlock the new style for Cameo, the latest of this Season’s superstars spotted with a mysterious form. 

The rewards for the Mission are:
  • New style for the Cameo vs Chic Outfit 
  • New style for the Highlight Strikers Pickaxe 
  • New style for the Blade Bag Back Bling 
  • New style for the Metalmark Glider


And like with the previous Missions, each individual Challenge rewards XP upon completion (🌎 ❤ XP).

Have you missed any of the Overtime Challenges? Don’t worry — every Mission will remain available until the end of the Season. For info on the first Mission’s rewards, click here. And for info on the second and third Missions’ rewards, click here.

- The Fortnite Team