Immortal Killing Machine

By NiraAnon

Swamp Knight
Unearthly Treat +

Increases Damage vs. Mist Monsters by up to 42% based on the percentage of your missing health. In addition, taking damage has a 45% chance to conjure a Phantasm (targets a nearby enemy, dealing 62 base Energy damage in a 0.5 tile radius, 1.5 second cooldown)

Team Perk
Blakebeard’s Stash
Eliminating enemies has a 5% chance of uncovering one of Blakebeard’s stashes which contains the following items: Peg Leg Club, Coconuts, or Cannonballs
Unlocked by: Blakebeard the Blackhearted (Yarrr! Event Quest)
Support Team
Avast Mateys
Increases Cannonball Damage by 20%
Swab the Deck
Increases Club Damage by 17%
Goin' Coconuts
20% chance to find Coconuts in containers. Coconuts restore health instantly and restore additional health over time. Increases damage by 16% while under the effects of a Coconut
Ghoulish Cackle
Ability damage is increased proportionate to player Health missing.
Rapid Charge
Melee weapon elminations grant 7.5 energy




This is the build I always use, its extremely powerful and versatile, I've used this in the hardest events possible, the club damage with the peg leg is already insane, and in some gamemodes the peg leg has infinite durability, such as the Halloween event, yes your damage is buffed at a low health, however due to the strong amount of cocunuts you recieve from the stash, and from searching, you become n unkillable machine, as nearly everytime you get hit, you'll kill whoever attacked you or whats next to you. This build helped me complete all of Frostnite, without the help of a powerful B.A.S.E build. I hope you enjoy it.


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