Rapid Plasma Pulse Nuke Build

By LilElvis

Vintage Tech Penny
Malfunction +

Increases radius of Plasma Pulse mines 40%. Furthermore, causes Plasma Pulse to malfunction, dropping only 8 mines. These deal 730% more damage and self-destruct after 10 seconds

Team Perk
Happy Holidays
Reduces your Ability cooldowns by 40%. Stacks independently from other cooldown reduction perks.
Unlocked by: Jilly Teacup (Misfit Toys Questline)
Support Team
One Hot Minute
Decreases Plasma Pulse cooldown by 18%
Requires commander with Plasma Pulse ability
Plasma Overdrive
Decreases Plasma Pulse energy cost by 38%
Requires commander with Plasma Pulse ability
Power Pulse
Increases Plasma Pulse damage by 30%
Requires commander with Plasma Pulse ability
Plasma Pulse Blast
When Plasma Pulse is placed, it deals 43 base energy damage to enemies in a 1 tile radius
Requires commander with Plasma Pulse ability
Battle Beat
Eliminating 10 enemies within 9 seconds grants Rockin’ Riff.


Plasma Pulse


Using Decoy and Malfunction + Plasma Pulse in tandem can easily score ten or more kills in an instant and give you the Rockin' Riff buff to supplement your weapon damage for most of their cooldowns. The insane damage output of Plasma Pulse is great for nuking mist monsters and mini bosses, and the energy economy makes it feel very good to use in Venture Zones. Inspired heavily by NINTHMARCH's build: https://stw-planner.com/loadouts/view-loadouts/loadout/329


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