Air Strike

By Victor.Mz

Overtaker Hiro
Kunai Collection +

Kunai Storm eliminations decrease Kunai Storm cooldown by 4.5 second(s)

Team Perk
Soaring Mantis
Mantis Leap allows 2 additional jump(s). REQUIRES: 3 Ninjas
Unlocked by: Wukong (Spring It On! Event Store)
Support Team
Fuel For The Fallen
Eliminations restore 6 energy over 3 seconds. Duration refreshes with additional eliminations
Crystal Daggers
Kunai Storm unleashes 12 Crystal Daggers, which seek targets and deal 32 base damage.
Requires commander with Kunai Storm ability
Daggers from Kunai storm explode shortly after impact, dealing 4 base energy damage in 0.25 tile radius
Requires commander with Kunai Storm ability
Hang Time
Using Kunai Storm grants hover for 4 seconds. Increases damage by 40% during hover
Requires commander with Kunai Storm ability
Wings Of The Dragon
Increases Dragon Slash range to 3 tiles
Requires commander with Dragon Slash ability


Kunai Storm


a perfect loadout for AOD strike whit Kunai Strom and Dragon slash. you can damage as much as you want whiteout even using your weapons. you can change Lynx if you are staying in the air too much


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