Infinite shield and infinite energy

By Nayaka

Lynx Kassandra
Hang Time +

Using Kunai Storm grants hover for 4 seconds. Increases damage by 140% during hover

Team Perk
Bio-Energy Source
FOR EACH: Hero with 3 or more stars Recover Shield equal to 0.25% of Energy lost.
Unlocked by: Lynx Kassandra (Frostnite Event Store)
Support Team
Rapid Charge
Melee weapon elminations grant 7.5 energy
Sea Fog
Smoke Bomb restores your Shields to full.
Requires commander with Smoke Bomb ability
Medicinal Fumes
Smoke Bomb heals allies for 10 base health per second
Requires commander with Smoke Bomb ability
Kunai Storm throws 3 egg bombs, which each deal 37 base damage to nearby enemies.
Requires commander with Kunai Storm ability
Anatomy Lessons
Increases critical rating of swords, axes and scythes by 15




Hello I just wanna show my best loadout i always use this loadout i call it infinite shield and infinite energy.this loadout is very good in a condition when you low on shield and energy.its simple just use smoke bomb and you have your full shiel back .if you low on energy its simple just kill some husk maybe 5-7 husk and you will have your energy back. (sorry if my english so bad )


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