Lefty and Righty (Laser)

By Calamity Anarchy

Zip And Zap +

Lefty and Right applies affliction which deals 26 base energy damage per second for 3 seconds. Lefty and Righty uses Space Pistols which fire piercing, bouncing lasers

Team Perk
Phase Blaster
Every 5 seconds, your next shot will fire a Phase Pulse which deals 47 base Energy damage. REQUIRES: 2 Outlanders of Epic or higher rarity
Unlocked by: Field Agent Rio (Road Trip Event Quest)
Support Team
Plasma Arc
Energy Damage has a 20% chance to zap nearby enemies for 58% of damage dealt.
Space Technology
Increases Ability Energy Damage by 15%.
Bang And Pow
Increases Lefty and Righty damage by 25%
Requires commander with Lefty and Righty ability
Absolutely Stunning
Lefty and Righty shots have a 37.5% chance to Stun the target for 2 seconds.
Requires commander with Lefty and Righty ability
Hand Cannons
Every 10 Lefty and Righty shots spawn a Cannon Ball, dealing 51 base Physical damage.
Requires commander with Lefty and Righty ability


Lefty and Righty


This build focuses on the Laser variant of the Lefty and Righty. With ZAP and bonus Energy abilities.


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