Dungeon farmer

By your funeral

Bunny Brawler Luna
Eggs-plosive Entrance +

Shockwave drops 3 egg bombs, which each deal 162 base damage to nearby enemies.

Team Perk
Z.A.P. has your back, dealing 105 base Energy Damage to a random enemy every 6 seconds.
Unlocked by: Azalea Clark (Beyond the Stellar Horizon Quest)
Support Team
Ain't Done Yet
Increases Goin' Commando duration by 5 seconds
Requires commander with Goin' Commando!!! ability
Plasma Arc
Energy Damage has a 20% chance to zap nearby enemies for 58% of damage dealt.
Energy Siphon
Eliminations with Energy Damage restore 8.5% of missing shields.
Zip And Zap
Lefty and Right applies affliction which deals 13 base energy damage per second for 3 seconds
Requires commander with Lefty and Righty ability
Increases Goin' Commando damage by 25%
Requires commander with Goin' Commando!!! ability




this is the optimised dungeon loadout where you don't actually have to even get a weapon because you have zap, goin' commando and lefty and righty if you are actually going to use this for a no weapons run I would recommend that you replace some damage boosts with some more cooldown boosts *I know that Bunny Brawler Luna is a shockwave hero but she has lefty righty and goin' commando* go to 7:11 in the video for an explanation this is an adaptation of the videos loadout


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