Seismic Smash ++

By iProxicide

Seismic Smash +

Seismic Smash applies a 3.3 second stun and 1,500 impact. Additionally, Seismic Smash deals 35 base Fire damage every second for 3 seconds.

Team Perk
One-Two Punch
FOR EACH: Hero with 2 or more stars Your next Heavy Attack after using an ability costs 20% less Energy.
Unlocked by: Swordmaster Ken (Base Game)
Support Team
Return To Sender
Seismic Smash returns to its origin point. Decreases Seismic Smash damage and impact by 25%
Requires commander with Seismic Smash ability
Four On The Floor
Seismic Smash leaves a pusling zone with a 0.5 tile radius at the end of its range which deals 56 base Energy Damage over 4 seconds and bounces husks inside
Requires commander with Seismic Smash ability
Sustained Smash
Decreases Seismic Smash energy cost by 38%
Requires commander with Seismic Smash ability
Strike Cost
Increases Anti-Material Charge heavy attack efficiency by 28.%
Requires commander with Anti-Material Charge
Space Technology
Increases Ability Energy Damage by 15%.


Seismic Smash


Best Support for a Seismic Smash.


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