Music is good for the soul

By PropaneHusky

Warden Kyle
Base M.D. +

Allies standing on structures affected by your B.A.S.E. heal for 11..25 base health every 1 second

Team Perk
Boom B.A.S.E.
B.A.S.E. blasts Steel Wool music, increasing damage by 12% and Critical Rating by 15 for allies within 5 tiles. REQUIRES: 2 Steel Wool heroes
Unlocked by: Steel Wool Syd (Canny Valley Quest)
Support Team
Bass Solo
Each elimination during Warcry extends its Duration by 0.4 seconds, up to a maximum of 15 eliminations
Requires commander with War Cry ability
Maximum Overload
Increases Kinetic Overload Damage by 50%
Requires Constructor as commander
Mega Base
Increases B.A.S.E. connectivity range by 1
Requires commander with B.A.S.E.
Lofty Architecture
B.A.S.E. increases building health by 28.%
Requires commander with B.A.S.E.
Power Modulation
Structures affected by BASE are healed for 4% of max health every 10 seconds
Requires commander with B.A.S.E.




Jam out to some heavy metal music while kicking ass with a supportive base that buffs your damage and crit rate with boom base and heals you with warden kyle.


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