AFKarry Idle B.A.S.E.

By Akyudorai

MEGA B.A.S.E. Kyle
Mega Base +

Increases B.A.S.E. connectivity range by 3

Team Perk
B.A.S.E. generates resources based on affected structures. Higher tier structures generate more resources. Interact with B.A.S.E. to collect. REQUIRES: 2 Constructors
Support Team
Lofty Architecture
B.A.S.E. increases building health by 28.%
Requires commander with B.A.S.E.
Fully Contained
Enemies that melee attack structures affected by BASE take 15 base damage
Requires commander with B.A.S.E.
Feel The Base
Eliminating enemies standing on structures affected by B.A.S.E. charges B.A.S.E. After 30 charges, B.A.S.E. emits an explosion which knocks back enemies and deals 39 base energy damage in a 3 tile radius
Requires commander with B.A.S.E.
Power Modulation
Structures affected by BASE are healed for 4% of max health every 10 seconds
Requires commander with B.A.S.E.
Electrified Floors
Enemies standing on structures affected by B.A.S.E take 12.7 base energy damage every 5 seconds
Requires commander with B.A.S.E.




Designed as an idle base, where the base does all the killing for you. All you have to do is hang out inside the base and keep everything repaired. Alternatively, you can swap out the Fully Contained perk for Ice King's 15% snare which in turn increases the DPS of the Electrified Floors perk. Traps that slow or stun monsters effectively further increase the effective damage of Electrified Floors.


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