Unlocks Team Perk
Shifting Gears FOR EACH: Outlander of Epic or higher rarity Phase Shift has 1 additional charge(s) and Range is decreased by 0.2 tiles. (It seems the decreased range is additive, so beware a very short Phase Shift with too many Outlanders in the squad.)
Phased And Confused
Increases Phase Shift maximum charges by 1

Phased And Confused +
Increases Phase Shift maximum charges by 3
Phase Shift
Quickly dash through space, gaining **percecnt** 30% increased movement speed for **time** 3 seconds.
Shock Tower
Deploy a device which shocks nearby enemies, stunning them and dealing **damage** 12 damage.
Deploy a husk-crushing robot bear which deals **damage** per shot and fires **ammo** shots per second. T.E.D.D.Y. lasts **time** 15 seconds.
Class Abilities
Anti-Material Charge
Punch forward, destroying structures and harvesting their materials. Deals **damage** Damage to enemies. Activate Heavy Attack with your pickaxe equipped.
L.O.O.T. Llama
Purple Charge Fragments create a Loot Llama for you and your teammates to wail on with your pickaxe! The Lott Llama contains materials and crafting ingredients.
In The Zone
After 5 consecutive hits with a pickaxe, increases Pickaxe Damage by 25% and Movement Speed by 7.5%. During In The Zone, nearby containers glow. Switching weapons ends buff.